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What’s a Data Catalog?

  • In-Person @ 906 W Main Ave. Spokane, Washington, United States (map)
  • 05:30 - 07:30 Pacific Daylight Time
  • Language: English

We'll be meeting in the level up class room for a talk on why a data catalog is going to be an important tool in protecting your data. Afterwards we'll have a Q&A session about PowerBI as well as the chance to network with other local data professionals. A special thanks to Redgate for giving us a SQL Prompt license to raffle off!

Featured Presentation:

What's a Data Catalog?

Josh Smith, Database Administrator

With laws like GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act or the upcoming Washington Privacy Act organizations need to provide more details about the data they’re storing or risk significant fines. We’ll look at the features of two tools for collecting and reporting on meta-data for SQL databases: Azure Data Catalog & Redgate’s SQL Data Catalog. We’ll then take a quick tour of SQL Data Catalog in particular and explore the process for creating and applying a taxonomy to our data.

About Josh:
Josh Smith is the senior-most DBA at a mid-sized credit union and leader of the Spokane Area SQL Server Users Group. He is not the most fond of writing about himself in the third person but attempts to be good natured about it. He believes strongly in participating in and contributing to the SQL Server community as much as possible.




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